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Why?!! NOOOOOOOO!! what are they going to do with house now?? No girl, no boss... How the storyline will be??


all I can say about this episode.

First of all, WTF? the captain was involve in beckett's mum murderer... I didn't see that coming... But after seeing the last episode I thought it will be the captain who dies... I will miss him, so sad the scene of the funeral with te family... :(

Another thing that I didn't see coming: Beckett being shoot. OMG. and then castle saying "I love you, Kate. Kate, I love you" was the most epic final of every show, of every season in the world. Better than the pregnancy test on gossip girl, better than jeremy's ghosts on the vampire diaries, better than Barney's wedding on How I Met your mother. This is the best season final ever!! And how I know? Because right now I want to take a plane and torture all the writers and the director until they told me what happens next season... LOL just joking

So that's all. we have to wait all the summer biting our nails to know what will happen with this lovely couple... OMG I never believe that I would like the summer to pass quickly XD