I'm one of those crazy Chair fans!!! I'm also hoping Serenate will happen!!! I hate Jenny and Vanessa with a passion, but love the rest off the cast. Lol!  I also love Dean Winchester & Supernatural! I thought him and Jo should of had a chance. I also am so in love with Cas! They are both so funny & sexy!
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Blair Up Close

She is so gorgeous!
Happy Birthday!

Serenate or Strip?

I want Serenate to happen! I've wanted them to happen ever since the very first episode. I was so mad when in the second season you thought they were going to be together, and they weren't.

Old Fashioned Chair

They both look effin Gorgeous!!! I love this picture so much!!!
I love Chuck and Blair together!!!

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Spoilertv "spoilers" CB, RL, DV, NS, NJ (Spoilers)

This is so f***** up!!!

1. Chuck & Blair are breaking up.

2.Dan & Vanessa are the new "it" couple.

3.Serena & Nate are breaking up too.

What the hell is up with the writers taking out the good couples!

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Taylor leaving?

I would be happy if she left. I don't like Taylor or Jenny. I think she just wastes the time that Chuck, Blair, Nate, & Serena can have. Sorry to say to all the people that like her. I do like her music and I think Taylor is better at doing that.

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This is so stupid. I feel like they just got together. I'm gonna hate Chuck so much he ends up cheating on her or something horrible like that. They have only been dating for a short time. I thought they were suppose to stay together for the whole season.

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