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Wilfred Review: Stone Faced

I absolutely love this show and hate that I have to wait so long for the next season, but I may be coming a bit undone myself since we're getting so few clues to the mystery of Wilfred. So, I've decided to speculate what's happening to sort of satiate myself so I don't obsess too much. It's clear that at the 436 address, there once stood a home, which is pretty obvious from the steps and free-standing fireplace. I propose that it's the site of traumatizing event(s) that happened to both Ryan and his mother. For now, I'm going with some type of abuse from Ryan's grandmother to both of them, and that in the case of Ryan's abuse he endured it by focusing on the alien-like dog statue. Maybe he imagines adventures w/ the dog? Ah well, only 9 months to go 'til season 4...