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Jenny, That Little ...

little j is the best!!! totally loved her in s1 s2 and s3 and i know she will be the best in s4 too!!!

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Stelena & Datherine or Delena and Statherine??????

simple stefan and elena should be together forever!!! and kathrine should fall in love with damon big time with damon rejecting her then she redeems and in the end they both are together happy and dandy :) and all live happily ever after and matt and caroline i love them!!!!

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Jenny/Nate thread.

@ NS4evaneva its ok you posted here but i dont agree with you saying nate have more pics on GG with jenny then serena coz serena was nates girl friend last season and no reason can be bigger than that to have GG pics together. Jenny's focus maybe blair and chuck that episode but its good if nate is out of town or some thing and doesnt find about chuck and jenny like that before juliet is gone :) ;) so we count them not shooting a good sign..... and as far as juliet being GG is concerned i dont think that either but who knows :)

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