Hi, I'm Robyn. I'm from Canada and currently live in a small town in Newfoundland, I bet you've never even heard of it - if you have you probably think we all live in igloos and our interests include fishing, hunting and speaking in an accent you probably can't understand. I'm the total opposite of this sterotype. In fact, I dispise the outdoors and speak very clearly. I love books, movies, and t.v. My favorite books are set in the 1800's and I'm currently reading The Luxe Series. I enjoy romance, comedy, and adventure movies and love t.v shows like Gossip Girl (which is my absolute favorite), CSI, SYTUCD, ANTM, and Greys Anatomy. If you would like to know anything else, message me!  

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Ed Westwick Cuts Loose at Wedding

Ed needs a new girlfriend, one that is worthy of his good looks and humor. Just saying.


Am I the only one who misses Dan and Serena being together? I know they are over for good and they are step siblings now but I still think about it sometimes.

Oh, Poor V

I've never been fond of Vanessa. Shes an OK character but I would like her more if she was in Vermont.