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@heartonmysleeve yeah, I live in Canada and checked the TV guide, it comes on on Sunday at 8est.

Sexy Serenate

yaaay! this is so exciting, I have waiting three years for my NS.

Stephanie Savage Previews "The Hurt Locket"

Yep, CB time, ye, NS = FINALLY.
so it seems CB are going to get closer because of his mother, but get ripped apart by Jack.
And as for NS, well, I have read some pretty spectacular fanfics that I really wish would be the script for them getting together, but the writers are just having them kiss and become a couple (as if THAT'S never been done before..) Still excited though. fourteen days!

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Team Endgame vs. Trifecta

@derena1045 I used to ship CB and NS, but seeing how s3 royally f**ked NS over, I'm hopping on the CB DS train/boat/plane.


I really like DV or NJ, so .. yeah. I'll watch season 4 and then decide. xD

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Your thoughts for season 4

I'm really looking forward to it. It can't be worse than the massive dissapointment season 3 was to me. Sigh.


I'm trying not to spoil too much... but from what I've read of spoilers, it looks good.

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