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If no network picks up this show, HUGE mistakes have been made. the fans of TSC have been astonishing since work of cancellation got out. It would be impossible to ignore them! SEASON 2 on any network!!!

Arrow on The CW: First Look!

Gonna watch this show, think it looks pretty savage, unlike all the other new dramas. cant believe tht The Secret Circle was dumped in favor of the likes of Beauty and the beast, and that new medical one

Emily Owens M.D.: Sneak Peek!

Im not going to lie and say that the clip wasn't amusing, but i just cant see it as a CW drama, and cant believe it is paired with HoD. I get that they are both doctor dramas, but still.... Hope it doesnt affect Dixie's viewers.
Still can't see how this got given the green light (along with most of the other newbies), and TSC is gone...