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Revenge Review: Blood On Her Hands

Emily: are you saying that he(David) raped her(Victoria)?
Daniel: you still want to get tied up with my crazy family? (not exact words)
Emily: More than ever.(revenge smile)
oh no you didn't! watch out Victoria, just when Emily was just about to take her paws off you for a little while, you dropped such a big lie about her father. Look out Victoria, looks like a stronger storm is coming in and I don't think your precious house will keep you safe from it. ohmaygad! I love this show!

The Secret Circle Review: Who Died?

I think that they will still bring Nick back..I mean Britt/Cassie even said in one of her interviews that her connection with Nick will be developed much sooner than they expected. Also, in their Halloween episode, a pig-costumed guy will somewhat kidnap Melissa, and my guess is that, that person is Nick...just theories..unless they are not all together or connected the circle is not complete, so maybe they are saying that the circle will be broken because Nick won't be around with them but only hiding or somewhat in a far place looking for answers...again, it is just another guess...


OMG!!!! I love the tyler and caroline scene!! can't wait until january for this.. i'm actually loving them..its true..stefan and elena is already kinda boring... MORE TYLER AND CAROLINE!!! they are so cute..and did i mention that Tyler is freaking hot?? i mean sizzling hot... :))

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DAIR confirmed? (Spoilers)


I think it will just be a 'gossip' or something..like what others are saying maybe they fell asleep while planning to take down Juliet or maybe they were locked up in a building or hotel because they will be both interns of the same company right? then of course..someone will see them and take pictures like that..i can just see them as good friends..i cant imagine them like together 'together'...well i guess we'll just have to wait and find out.. but wait..this can lead to nate and serena..hahaha..sorry..an avid serenate fan here ^^\/

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If Rose and Lexi were friends then.....

i'm kinda lost, when and why did Damon killed Lexi?? can't seem to remember because of all the damon-drooling..hahahahha

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thank you blabla

so she said that serena will be choosing dan and the reason is?? and why is she in the hospital?? and i also read on the previous posts that even blair doesn't believe serena..why is that??

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