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Spotted on the Gossip Girl Set: Agnes?

man, sorry, didn't mean to sound so bitchy up there. Someone just jumped the gun on a resemblance btw Ms. Carr and Lux's mom, and I'm just fed up with the LU bashing I've been seeing by GG fans. I am sorry I was snappy. peace.

Spotted on the Gossip Girl Set: Agnes?

WRONG - Miss Carr's actress is NNNOOOTTT on Life UneXpected. Instead, it's a much better actress named Shiri Appleby, playing Cate Cassidy, Lux's birthmom on LU. Shiri played main character Liz on Roswell, a fabulous show that ran 7-10 years ago. She's since done stints on ER and a bunch of other quality television. Laura Breckenridge played Ms. Rachel Carr last season on GG.
Please, don't make up reasons to hate Life UneXpected. LU has nothing to do with GG's long hiatus. The CW say they didn't want the multiple long breaks they had last year, as that killed the ratings, and pissed off a lot of fans. Instead, one single agonizing break, and then episodes every week until season's end. LU is just filling part of the gap, not the cause of it. In fact, LU is only going to do half of its run in GG's vacant slot, and the other half in another vacant timeslot. If anything, those of us who are excited about LU should be pissed about that time switch.
Since there is no way that we can have GG for three months, isn't is nice that we can have something that looks to be good, even maybe great, to help while away the hours??? More on topic, love Willa Holland's character. Honestly, she was both more sane and more acting her age than Jenny has since the first season. Plus, Willa is gorgeous, and doesn't try to look like a horror actress...

What Did You Think of "The Debarted"?

Anyone else get the impression that Chuck was wondering if his "mother" was another ghost haunting him? When he looked back at the car, almost as though he wanted to ask Blair if she saw the already-placed yellow roses on Bart's grave (I assume he asked B to wait in the car, I can't imagine her leaving him more alone).
Also, it seems clear to me that it was Chuck's guilt haunting him, and not Bart himself. Bart had seemed to be trying his best (if too little too late) to be a better man in the year leading up to his death, and had applauded the maturity he saw in Chuck when he & B got together the first time. Lily may have been killing that spark of goodness in him right before his death though.
Speaking of Lily, I'm not convinced she was actually cheating on Rufus with S&E's dad. However, secrets and lies are so deeply ingrained in her makeup, that even something innocent like trying to convince Mr. VdW to reconnect with S would be something Lily would think she needs to hide. And how cold was Lily to forget that it was the anniversary of Bart's death! She's had no problem enjoying the fruits of widowhood (that gorgeous apartment, billions of dollars, control of a major corporation, and all the prestige attendant on those things), yet had the accident happened even a day later she would have been entitled to little if nothing. She is a selfish, cold, calculating bitch most of the time, and I have grave doubts that even Rufus' love will save her from herself.

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Whose cover was better?

For the seventeen covers on page 2 - is it just me, or does it looks like were 'shopped into bobbleheads? ;)

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Chair Induced High. . .

chairisthebest - I'm exactly the same! Yesterday watched it twice (in pieces, the way they show it on the Canadian tv station's website), and once or twice in full. And the ILY over and over again... A few times just to help it sink in, then once each just looking at Chuck or Blair, then once again to see how the producers/directors wanted you to look at it (whose face was emphasized), then again to see their body language and chemistry...

They are a little clumsy and out of sync, but that is (I think to myself) both because they've been apart so long, and that the true and deep feelings are bubbling out of them so much, and are so honest, that they are learning to be together in a whole new way... It actually reminded me of a scene in Dawson's Creek, where Pacey and Joey are having dancing lessons, and their love on the verge of flowering, makes them awkward dancers...

What a fabulous episode... in some ways both more and less than I imagined... Hoping ridiculously and desperately that they will be posting "Spotted C&B" on the GG blog all summer... even Pacey & Joey had online postcards & journal entries, and that was years & years ago...

How the hell are we going to last 103 more days? Fantasizing??? LOL!

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Ed and Leighton in finale

I have to agree with everyone here. I started watching GG to see what all the hype was about, and at first wasn't too sure of it. But the infamous limo scene was an incendiary catalyst, and I was hooked. I must admit that I hated Blair at first, but her pursuit of Chuck both matured and softened her, deepened her complexities, and did much the same for the character of Chuck. While I didn't hold the events and inconsistencies of the pilot to be canon, the lingering taste of Chuck as a potential rapist and all-round asshole took enormous talent to be transformed into the most vulnerable and compelling character on the show. I am simply amazed at the strength of these two actors, and am of course thrilled that their paths kept crossing, and how now joined... hopefully for a long (but tumultuous to keep it interesting!) time... 

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