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House Review: "Last Temptation"

Masters, one of the greatest characters of the season, and even the whole serie. She gave a sort of balance to the group and i found her naiveness funy most of the times. But in the end I think she made the right decision... I will miss her, though.


GREAT, SO GREAT, this season finale. GREAT in the emotional way. I cryed like a girl.

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Holidaze (Episodes)


I think this was the worst episode of the season, and though I am a HUGE fan of GA, and that I know most of you wont agree with me (that's OK) I think by now this is the worst season ever. Or at least is the one I like the less, by far. The episode i realy enjoyed, was "I saw what I saw", very nice, perfectly narrated.. bur the rest... well.I hope it improves in the next episodes after the recess.. And I will always watch the show, even if the season is bad. It was just an opinion.


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Izzie (Episodes)


I agree with some of the coments above, so i'll just gonna say that I understand izzie, but I don't justify her attitude. It's unacceptable how she left alex without talking to him about what he had said to the chief. She never heard his version and never intented to neither. And at the end it all led, as whe saw, to a big missunderstanding.

I hope izzie solves things with alex and gets her job back at SGH. I mean .. the budget isn't a problem anymore, is it ?


PS: I'm sorry if my english isn't that good .. (big big fan from Argentina)

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New History (Episodes)


The only thing I liked about this episode was the scene at the end, with te chief's flashbacks. How every single negative sucess of this season leads to him, and to his afully bad desicions. Specialy the merger.

Well, in fact I belive the writer's idea of the merger wasn't that good. Too many new characters and some of the old ones, which mostly we love, lost a bit of participation in some chapters.


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