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This was a good show.

A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar

I hope Fitz becomes jealous when he finds out about Edison's proposal to the love of his (Fitz) life.

Year in Review: Best Male Performance of 2012

For me, it's been Tony Goldwyn from Scandal as Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III because he has really done all of 2012. Fitz has really grown and he loved Olivia enough to let her go despite the fact that he is in love with her. You could tell that Fitz was doing his best to try and hold it in when he saw those pictures of Eddison and Olivia.

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Ezra and Aria Going Public (Spoilers)

This is where you can give me your thoughts now on Ezra and Aria going public with their relationship.

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Ian's video with Allison (Spoilers)

I think it was Ian and Alison having sex and then Ian kills Spencer.

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Who do you think is A?

There's no way "A" could be Ezra. "A" might be Alison's brother Jason, Jenna, or even the creepy cop Jenna's in a relationship with.

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