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Don't kill me for this, but the first word in mind when I've watched this video is... disgusting. The song is ok

Chace Crawford Busted For Pot

His serious face is a joke xD

Warning: Major Gossip Girl Spoiler Ahead

If I were you I wouldn't worry about this. Chair is a core couple and I love them, but actually their story was far much better when they weren't together officialy... What I think? That game going too far I think it would be the responsible, it seems they will be in a sexy time (at least the promo looks like that) so maybe they rescue their games from this summer. Jack is there, he won't get Bass Industries or whatever he wants thanks to Chuck so if he can't get what he wants, Jack will destroy what Chuck loves. Jack will get between their games and will make like Chuck has cheated on Blair, which was one of her worst fears. Jack won't finish here and Chuck is accused of sexual harassment. Blair hates him and everyone hate him too. Chuck will try to defend himself, no one believes him, he will be upset because nobody trust him like his father... He will be a somber character focused only in job and always alone, Chuck won't try to go back to Blair, he thinks he's not worthy for her so they just play jelousy games, you know... to make Chuck think about what he has lost. Blair, even when she thinks he's a cheater, she felt bad for him (she loves him, doesn't she?) and will discover all was a plan made by Jack... blah , blah, blah, Chuck and Blair in good terms at the end of the season! I'm thinking about writing a fanfic with this plot...

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

Blair: But why? Why would you want to be married to someone you don’t love?It's me or that's one of the funniest things Blair has said in the series?

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

After watching the 100th episode the only thing I can say is "bravo Louis" (not joking at all).

Some of you have said that Louis had been a monster when he talked to Blair at the reception dance, but in my opinion she really deserved it. I think it was payback for all the things that she had done to him (and to Chuck and Dan) this season.

I'm on his side, really. Louis loves (or loved) her but what she has done to him is beyond cruelty:

1. He found a paternity test which meant that she hadn't being faithful to him in first place and she had no intention to tell him the truth. We had said that it was trully beautiful how Chuck would love Blair's child even if it wasn't his, but if Louis did find the results that means (at least for me) that he didn't wanted to know, he would have love the child.

2. Blair tried to run away with Chuck.

3. He suspected that there's something between Blair and Dan.

4. In their wedding he hears how Blair says that the person that she loves is Chuck.

5. Blair runs off from the wedding.

And appart from Louis we have Chuck, who tries desperately to convince Blair not to marry the Prince (it must be awful confusing that the one you loves tells you she loves you too but she has to marry another one) and Dan, who Blair uses as a kleenex.

This episode has been the best lesson you could give to Blair... she's been playing with many people feelings now it's time to pay.

Her fight for her marriage annulment won't be pretty, she is against a royal family and she has nothing against Louis because like it or not, he hasn't done nothing bad.

I remember how many times we had prayed that at some point Chuck would be the one being there for Blair and not the other way around... well, I think this is enough non-sense for the rest of the series.

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

Oh, Happy New Years!

It's been a long time, and I see new "faces", so hello to everyone :)

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