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This is awesome! Haven't seen the Transformer movies, to be honest - heard the 2nd was terrible but the first was good. Anyway, it would be nice to see him in something other than "Maid of Honor" on the big screen. (Did anyone actually see that?) Dempsey rocks.


If Naomi dies I will completely freak. I know Audra's busy, but she's also AMAZING.


@sarah - I was thinking William as well, though he's not really a 'regular.' If Naomi dies I will practically stop watching the show. Audra is way too good to lose.

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Here's to the Future/Now or Never: season finale (Episodes)

Ok I don't want to totally disagree with everyone but I really didn't think the finale was all that amazing.  I mean I definitely LIKED it, but it wasn't super amazing or anything.  I thought the George thing was predictable - maybe it was because I saw something earlier when people were speculating about George getting hurt before he can go off to the army - and yet it was a little cheesy.  I mean, having George almost die after being hit by a bus?  It was just a little too overdramatic to me.

Second thing: Izzie must live.  She has been one of my favorite characters since the beginning.

Third: What has happened to the scenes outside of the hospital?? Yes, in this finale we saw Owen go to his mother, but otherwise - nothing.  I miss the scenes in Mer's house or at Joe's!

Also, I am not trying to say I want George to die.  I love George.  

I thought the ending was predictable and ridiculous.  Seriously?  Leaving both characters on the table at the last second was a little much - does anyone else agree??

What I am wondering is IF Izzie or George dies, would that cause another crossover with Private Practice to have a funeral?  I'm guessing no, especially if one/both die before the premiere in the fall, but you never know with Shonda.

I don't want to wait until the fall!  It's such a long gap!

Bottom line: Love MerDer and the post-its and IZZIE MUST LIVE!  Katherine Heigl rocks. Grey's rocks.  And Shonda is lying when she says she doesn't pay attention to the press.  She does.

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What a Difference a Day Makes - 100th episode (Episodes)

I agree with a lot of what has already been said - I SO loved George helping Izzie down the aisle! That was a perfect moment - and we haven't seen enough of George with other characters period, so it was super nice to see.  

Katherine looked excellent - she's really pretty.  And so did Sandra Oh - we don't get to see the stars out of scrubs often enough.  And of course Alex and Derek looked pretty great as well. 

I loved when Izzie and Alex kissed and the camera panned to every couple on the show - there's a good relationship recap for people who don't watch.  

Great 100th episode - I can't wait for next week!  (Oh - but the one thing that annoyed me was how they made the valedictorian so all about school - people who are good students don't have to sacrifice their lives!  It's just not true - well, not for everyone anyway.)

DON'T KILL IZZIE!  I will die if she is killed off!  

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No Good at Saying Sorry (Episodes)

By the way - did anyone see Private Practice?  Talk about overdramatic.  They opened up every storyline and tied up exactly NOTHING - it really is cruel.  And Addie (almost - basically did) helped Noah cheat on his wife.  Way to go.

Now we have to wait 5 or 6 months to see what happens. Joy.

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