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Loved the look on Happy's face when he saw Jax at the head of the table...there is a whole lot of respect there. i think it's just going to take a whole lot more truth for Opie to come around, if he ever does. No way Opie leaves...just like there was never any doubt Jax would never leave. Brilliant writing all the way, the acting just keeps on getting better by all but Charlie and Ryan have been outstanding. i continue to hope Phil's character will get more screen time.

Sons of Anarchy Review: Playing Jax

i really like Phil...he brings balance and sweet humor to the show. Unlike Rat, Phil pulled the trigger on himself without hesitation (even though he did throw up after). i am a fan of Phil. i just don't see any way Jax stays in Charming unless his reason for leaving is dead. i just don't see any way around Tara being killed in the final episode. About Romeo being an informant...a few episodes ago Romeo killed 3 or 4 Mexican guards playing cards in cold blood and in front of the Sons. Do informants or agents have that much leeway? Jax saved Leroy's life, and it wasn't Jax who killed Leroy's girlfriend...there will be retaliation on the Sons but i don't think it will be on Tara. There is no way Jax is going to kill Clay. Why, i think Jax feels more rage toward his Mother. As for Gemma, i will give her credit for trying to salvage what she "worked 20 years for" BUT, using her own Son to murder for her? The better plan is if Jax makes Gemma have to live with Clay or do it herself.

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