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The Good Wife Review: They Got Served

I echo what Ellen said, GREAT Episode! Their written on this show is excellent. How they are able to mixed the personal, with professional is the key to the show success!


Leola, & Fellow posters. Maybe there is no relationshio with Peter & Kalinda (sexually) going on, and it may have something to do with someone else?situation. Peter & Kalinda never clearly said anything about an affair..
I do know that Will had a dark past, and it will come out. Diane seems like she may consider the Judge sit again. Overall, this show has an element of good drama, with a soap opera twist. Gret Show, great work, and research from the creators, awriters!


I agree with Matt. Alicioa goona find her reason to sleep with Will >(
Not to mentioned, a few epidsodes ago, Kalinda was trying to talk Alicia to sleep with Will, maybe to have something over her. Kalinda may have a secret crush on Peter.
I hope she doesnt give in to Will. ~Patrick