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Maybe I'm just paranoid, or ready to believe that HBO is willing to change anything it wants from the original books -- but I felt that at the end of this episode, when Lady Starke took the sword, that SHE might be the one to cut off Jamie's hand!! I hope I'm wrong, for many reasons -- but that was the first thought that leapt into my head.

The Night Lands Review: A Novel Approach

I was also surprised when Arya revealed her true identity. It was too soon for me, but perhaps HBO is doing this because it has shortened the details of her journey so severely. I may be remembering this wrong, but why does Theon act like he's at his father's to get him to fight for Robb? I recall that he always planned to further his own position as heir to Balon & turn against Robb; that was why Catlyn was against Robb sending him in the first place. As for Stannis & Melisandre -- I appreciate that the viewer is supposed to get her hold over him, but not only is his wife not sick, she is the one who brought the Red Woman into this in the first place! And I don't recall Stannis bring all that son-obsessed, either -- not to mention that any child with Melisandre would be a bastard, & could not be heir anyway. I also think Danerys is being short-changed so far -- but I have hopes that this will change. (My husband has not read the books, & I am driving him crazy when we watch the show, & I point out all the differences! He's very happy that I've founfd this board!)

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