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Jamie Lee Curtis: Returning to NCIS!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DEVELOPMENT! JLC is smart, has incredible acting chops, and is a perfect match for Gibbs. That's what he deserves, a match, not bimbos or needy women. They have terrific chemistry and I am tired of the red head thing - it's not fresh or necessary any longer; no one in real life pigeon holes themselves like that for years. Gibbs deserves a smart, capable person of her caliber. I love when NCIS brings talent with her depth and talent on the show. It elevates an already quality show to an even higher level. Instead of JLC containing her talents to fit the small screen, her presence elevates everyone to a large screen quality. I hope the writers will continue to write her in whereever she fits as I am enjoying all elements of her character, especially the authenticity of the character... someone who has professional discretion, performs a job of that magnitude skillfully, keeps her family safe, and still remains playful and womanly. JLC is awesome!! KEEP HER AS LONG AS SHE WILL PLAY THIS ROLE!!!