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ilove-- chuck !

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Pennbadgley lover
Gossip Girl Caption Contest 83

woman : thinking --> what is that hooker in that dress and hair doing at cotillion?
nate: selling for $40? going higher anyone? lower? i just need to get rid of her !
jenny: drunk -->im not wearing any underwear because i wanna be like brittany spears ! and serena !

Pennbadgley lover

some of the episodes do deserve praise (the debarted ;) but others are just plain awful and boring. the storylines need to be less about serena and dan and jenny and vennessa and more about blair, chuck, and nate.

Pennbadgley lover
Spotted on the Gossip Girl Set: Agnes?

Finally !
someone needs to come in and teach Jenny a fricken lesson !
i hope agnes fricken RUINS her !