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I agree, blair and serena are definitely not frenemies. They're bestfriends,, SISTERS!:) Im sooo excited! I wanna watch GG already!:)

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3 guys, in real life guyss..
that doesn't include those on tv.


I'm okay with Derena being done for now but not for good!
Im sure, dan and serena will be back together, but not now please! They need to be separate, with separate love interests and life.
But yup, i miss the old derena. But who knows, in the next season they'll be together and never apart.
I think it would also be good seeing a couple in GG that is together for good(i hope that's derena) but not for now. Haha.:) Oh, about Georgina! I was terribly affected by her presence in the past season but i guess her appearance this last episodes will be fun fun fun! OMFG!:)