P loves P

Nate loved Blair. I will cut you if you state otherwise.
(loves Lee)
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Bob, I love you so much right now.


Everything but Dan/Blair sucked. Well, didn't watch anything but the DB scenes, but I'm kinda sure it did though.


Everything but Dan/Blair and everybody telling Chuck to GDIAF sucked.

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Derena fans vs. Dair fans

i mean no offense but we all know that dair won't last and derena is will probably be engame

I do have some beef with DS fans, which is that they are almost as entitled as CB fans, case and point.

However, I think the thing is that DS aren't an abusive and horrible couple, that's why there are no ~real DS vs DB fights.

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Chair, Dair, Blouis or Nair?

Anything but CB.

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LMFAO what the hellll.....

Did I say I was part of it?

Just sayin', you seem so very offended to me.

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