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Grey's Anatomy Review: Crossing The Line

I'm going off in left field but I wouldn't be surprised if Owen cheated w/ another man...just putting it out there. I love when they end like that on the edge of your seat.
I thought the whole Avery storyline was a bit trite, he is VERY sexy but that was too much of a given.
I would blame Derek too. I LOVE Patrick Dempsey and Dr. McDreamy but he just needs to listen. I'm just curious why he's so amped to get Mar back on his service, I think "Little Grey" is doing great.
Richard is an awesome man. I see this situation all the time, working in nursing homes but you have to wonder if guilt is not driving him. The only problem w/ that is I've seen guilt do horrible things.

Grey's Anatomy Review: Burning Love

The nurse was on the FIREFLY series w/ Nathan Fallion from Castle.

Grey's Anatomy Review: Burning Love

It is heartbreaking seeing Richard going through this, seeing families deal w/ this all the time. I love Christina so it's hard seeing her world come apart like this but it makes great tv. Wasn't as disappointed in this episode as I was last week.

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