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" Whatever you decide, you must understand, you will always be special to me. You will always be my friend."
- Sherlock
Goodbye Kitty - I'm going to miss her. She and Joan, showed us a side of Sherlock he doesn't often show - his human side. The side that actually cares about people.
I like his prickly side, but every once in a while, the Nolan's have to show us his humanity - and they did it really well with this story arc.
And they made Kitty a real person, who influenced the meaningful development of all the characters in this most excellent dramatic series. And the Nolans gave her an excellent exit.


IHOP - International House OF Psychos well,,,,, that went by fast - is that the end of the Lily arc? Even the feeble Feebs should be able to swoop in and sweep up Lily and the IHOP. And Joe is off and,,,,,,,,,,,,, going to do exactly what? I have no idea. go back to killing coeds? there will be a second spring season of 6-8 eps, and I have no idea what is coming up next. in summary - Spotty first story arc for the second season, but a Hella Finish last night

Almost Human Review: Hackers

the real sin was programming the smart house to KILL intruders - there are approved levels of force response for police/law enforcement to use, with each level of subject offensive force matched by a corresponding level of officer response. You don't shoot someone for giving you the finger, or climbing a wall.
see use of force continuum