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i want the brothers back together as they were but get real nothing ever stays the same.they will reunite and i think sera has some wonderful surprises for us.from what ive read i am very excited about whats coming up.as long as ther is a sam and dean in the pic ill be happy.

Two and a Half Men

i loved the 2nd episode the 1st one just left me confused.now i see our spn coming forth.sam and dean together again in the IMPALA SOON.i like the change in sam ,he so mysterious cant wait to find out his secret, and grandpa creeps me out hes up to no good.and i cant wait for dean to bring down that cocky cousin of his. actuall i cant wait to get rid of all of them.cass returns yea. im just so excited damn friday seems so far away.im having an operation friday ambut will be leaving in am also,told my sister to throw ice water on me if im not awake to watchspn, or whatever it takes. lol enjoy everyone