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But maybe she will bring back William van der Woodsen? And maybe CeCe will appear again, so that she finally can forgive Carol :)


Pretty good idea that Carol is coming back. If Darius is right and she's coming back with her daugther which is Serenas cousin then, it will be interessting if and what kind of trouble this cousin will cause! ;)

Gossip Girl to End After Season Six?

I think that the show is going to end after the 6th season for the main characters (blair, serena, nate, chuck, vanessa, jenny, lily, rufus, dan), but maybe there will be new characters, like in the books (avery, baby, owen etc), but I think that The CW will lose a lot of audience if they'll change the characters. But, to be honest, first GG was about rich teens on a private school in NY, and now there already in college, so what is there left anymore? A marrige of one of the main characters? a pregnancy? a real job? a event of death?

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5X10 PROMO (Spoilers)

I bet because of the car crash blair will lose the baby. and like @René Harper said, I'm super tierd of this whole chuck and blair drama too. For almost 2 seasons now its all the same: they still love eachother but they can't be together because they think they're bad for eachother. the writers should think of a new storyline. and this thing with charlie is pretty annoying too, I ask myself when they going to reveal the truth about her and carol.

and I don't care if Blair ends up with Louis or with Dan or with Chuck, I just want her to decide so that the story can go on!

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Gossip Girl Hookup List.

What is with Serena and Gabriel? She did sleep with him. But actually you don't know if S slept with Tripp and she didn't do it with Colin, did she?

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Spoilers for 4x12? (Spoilers)

Vanessa and Rufus, that really would be so funny and kind of interessting ;)

I actually think it's great that Dan and Blair come closer. I'm actually not totally against Chair, but I'm just sick of all this Chair-drama. With Dan & Blair coming closer theres a entire new storyline, exactly like Chuck and Serena team up to bring Lily down. Thats what makes a show interessting.

About all this "death wishes" all over here: In my opinion they should kick Vanessa out of the show, because nobody I know is interessted in her issues anymore, the whole character just became boring. About Raina rumor death: I think it would be "kind of cool", because of the whole drama (in my opinion GG should be a lot more dramatic, with dead cases and so on), but I don't think thats really going to happen, because she's just a Guest Star, she's "not important enogh" to die. (for anyone, who shares my opinion: there's still a little bit hope, because some of the producers said that the 4th season will be much more adult, so maybe adult=more drama ;))

Which I think is really interessting too is that Damien is back, that (as per Wikipedia) Carter will come back, that Carol (Lilys sister) going to join the show and when she arrives at the UES she won't be alone (there are thoughts about who is going to accompany her: maybe her daugther (played by Kaylee DeFeer ?!) or maybe William van der Woodsen), and I also hope CeCe will come back, I just like her ;) BTW: Chuck didn't use Eva in my opinion, he liked her from the beginning, didn't he?)

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