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I am so mad at Shonda Rhimes, she keeps killing off or taking out all of my favorite characters, first it was Berk, George then Izzy and now Lexie? I don't understand why she keeps killing off everyone and she is hurting her fans so much. I was so upset about Lexie dying she was one of my favorite characters and I liked her so much, she is Meredith younger sister, and Marks and Lexie should have gotten together they are perfect for each other and now Mark is going to be all depressed because he is going to miss her so much and it is just going to be painful to watch, and Shonda Rhimes said "They're still out there in the forest, and we don't know if they are going to be OK," she said. "We left it open for a reason because ... I hate to say this, but just because you saw people alive at the end of the finale doesn't mean they're going to be alive when the season starts up." What is this suppost to mean who else is going to die? If Derek dies then I will never watch the show again and if Read more tv spoilers at: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2012/...

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