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Gossip Girl Ratings Slide; What Can Be Done?

brazilian girl - i miss the colour palette too! i loved that. I was ok with the light colours at the start of s2 because it was summer but i though it would go back and it didn't.
my mate stopped watching gg about half-way through season 2. I think that's where it started to go wrong.

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i just died..

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love that colour
she looks great

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Dare to Dair?


I voted for Dair so many times that they stopped allowing me to vote and told me to have a "cooling off" period. LMAOO

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Stelena Appreciation Thread


One of the many reasons why Stelena is epic .. :)

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There's a reason he gets all the girls...

Why is Stefan the one to get all the girls???? Why not Damon????

This is why:


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