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I'm losing my appetite and my hope for CB rather quickly... *tear*


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1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
It had to be when Lily walked into Constance with Rufus and said, "I can't believe we're here on a Saturday." Lily is slowly climbing up my "favorite characters" list. That totally shows her casual, teenage attitude. It was exactly what a teenager would say. As a matter of fact, I do believe someone in the Breakfast Club says nearly the exact same thing when they have to go to detention. Lily pays the tuition and plans school dance, but when she has to waste her precious Saturday evenings at school, she feels like she is in detention herself.

2. Nate and Vanessa: Kind of cute, totally useless or both?
Useless, Vanessa should go back Vermont. She is a nuisance to everyone. After those pictures of her kissing Chuck and Nate kissing Blair my CB heart may very well broke into two. Obviously, Blair is probably helping out Nate and Chuck... well, Chuck is Chuck so I hope he breaks that twit's heart and go running to Blair.

3. Who acted more inappropriately: Blair for smearing Dan and Rachel on Gossip Girl, or Rachel for befriending/flirting/acting totally unprofessional with students?
Rachel. Rachel. Rachel. I know I would have done what Blair did. Yale, school, and her reputation (Nelly Yuki is going down, I'll make sure of it) were on the line she had to act out and fix it. I didn't like Rachel from the beginning. She was definitely not smart or mature to have "dates" with underage students of the brother school she teaches in and even let Dan touch her at all, let alone in public. Dan should atleast have known better they are in "Gossip Girl country," no one is safe. Plently of students have crushes on their teachers, the teachers need to control themselves and make sure they won't do anything that can get them fired. Obviously, Rachel is stupid and couldn't figure that out sooner. That ending made me want to vomit, Dan is such an ass. The only two characters I want to see making out, in a dark room, on a bed, with minimal clothes is Blair and Chuck. (I WILL NEVER LOSE HOPE IN CB!)

4. Is this it for Derena or will they give it a fourth (fifth? We've lost count) try?
Probably. Do I want it to happen? No. Hopefully, the Lily Rufus thing will get more serious and then it would just be too awkward to have them date. Dan needs to get out of his little fairyland and Serena needs to get a grip and find a real man.

5. What will become of Chuck Bass and his mystery nanny-escort?
Nothing what so ever. Elle is just another temporary person they added to keep Chuck busy and also bring a few other main characters towards him so he doesn't go under the radar again. I mean really, we all know Chair is never dead. :] They are just plugged for right now, but they will erupt soon.

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Ah, thank god. Desmond Harrington is an amazing actor but I don't think I can stand Jack Basstard anymore.

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Rawr.. Haha, I want to know where I can find that coat that Blair wears in the end of the episode.

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I actually noticed that the magical hand holding the flowers happens to look like the same sleeve that Chuck is wearing in that episode. ;P

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