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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 74

Tyler: I don't know if I can forgive you Caroline..
Caroline: Would you forgive me if I go on stage and sing a song for you? Then you can come up stage and we can smooch and we can go to the toilet and continue our smooches?
Tyler: That'd be cool.
Caroline thinking: Works everytime!


To be honest, I don't like Stefan. He's BORING! Season 1, Ok, I liked him but in season 2 he got sooooo BORING! So, I don't care if he has turned into a blood-thirsty vampire. I LOVE Klaus and even watching him makes me excited because he's so charming! Also FORWOOD!!! LOVE THEM!!! Delena as well. Can't wait for the premiere!

Matt and Caroline Scene

God! Im sick of Matt!!! I thought they broke up! What's up with him popping out of nowhere? It's FORWOOD time for goodness' sake!

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how the Baby will work out

Hahaha, it's kind of like puke but it's a unique name. I loved themmm, i still don't know why they didn't put them together on glee on Season 2.

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Dan and Serena need to come back

Oh!! Sorry for my caps lock. I got so confused because I didn't really understand the plot of the book thingy. Still, Did Dan's book have anything to do with Blair? I thought it was meant for Serena? So confused :S

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Pippa Middleton to appear on Gossip Girl! (Spoilers)

I'm going to be honest: the moment GG decided that the only thing it needs to be successful is pointless cameos by celebs, it ceased being the GG we loved during its first 2 seasons. season 1 & 2 storylines had actual depth, the characters were developing and the show was actually interesting. season 3 was guest stars without a storyline for the most part and suddenly that was the recipe the writers followed during season 4 too. GG started being its old good self again when Dair got some action. I can only hope that season 5 will bring the plotting and scheming back.


Can't agree more! BTW, love your picture, JOSEPH MORGAN < 3

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