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I don't know what the fuck you are talking about .... Did they really kill Eric? Discuss!!!

Frankly, unless they show The Other Side, I really don't think he escaped.

If they did, it might genuinely be the end of my True Blood. He is the most fascinating character, and this would be a good way out of True Blood.


@Spindae 2.0 - This show used to be great...Anything that would take the show back to that golden level will do for me. :-)


Well, I would never have pictured her for that role.

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a typical pilot

if you thought the show would be on the likes of the vampire diaries, you have got it all wrong. the episode was straightword and anyone who has watched tv for a long time would have seen most of the scenes coming. it was too typical and boring for my liking. The obvious romance that will eventually happen makes it a little boring. The father who will surely return.

Aha, why did i expect so much more!


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