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I thought Jennifer was way too stiff for some reason.....Love Friends and was just looking for a few laughs but that fell flat according to me. Jimmy seemed to be the only one who was trying.


Amen to that :-)


I keep coming back to the fact that the focus of the season was completely misplaced by centering it around Bill & Sookie along with the ridiculous zombie storyline. I had misgivings about it since last season's final moments......There were other things equally worrying about the ending -: How Jessica & Jason easily swapped partners? Lack of Lafayette.....Arghhhh It wasn't just the worst finale, it was the worst season as well. I can't remember being on the edge of the seat like I used to in previous seasons of True Blood. The urge to fast forward through the finale was so strong, that I couldn't even resist. It was simply that bad.

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a typical pilot

if you thought the show would be on the likes of the vampire diaries, you have got it all wrong. the episode was straightword and anyone who has watched tv for a long time would have seen most of the scenes coming. it was too typical and boring for my liking. The obvious romance that will eventually happen makes it a little boring. The father who will surely return.

Aha, why did i expect so much more!


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