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Suits Review: This Time Around

I think that Harvey and Donna did sleep together for that 1 time. I hope that they are the end game. They so deserve each other. Please stop the Rachel and Mike storyline. They are boring now.

Suits Review: Pearson & Darby & Specter

I love this show. It is getting better and better. I think that Jessica is playing Harvey. The acting on all counts is superb. I am getting sick of Rachel and Mike. I want to see more of Donna's relationship development.

Suits Review: Carpe Diem

I am liking Louis more in every episode. I think that Harvey is acting like a spoiled brat. Donna and Louis should definitely get together.

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the end of gg

The only way to save this show now is for it to jump 5 years into the future where everyone are grownups with careers.  Else, just cancel this show now and let Chuck/Blair go off into the sunset.  Nate and Serena should be together. They are both spoiled.  Dan and the REAL Charlie/Lola deserve each other.  They are talented and down to earth.

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