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Grade Beauty and the Beast Season 1

How Can Joe Bishop get the worst Actor???? I smell a conspiracy. Ofcourse JT is the best actor dah, being the KING OF THE BEASTIES. My best episode was the PILOT!!! I believe they just really worked it. I loved the subway scene the most in the whole entire series, the introduction to the Muirfield org en the Muirfield head guy were really villainy(if that is even a word).The fear of the secret org was real and Catherine Chandler was a cop. Pity how VinCat turned her from black en white to VERY GREY. My worst episode was the DEATH of the original characters Dr Evan Max. Really guys??? they had to kill the M.E/Muirfield undercover agent. Totally unnecessary. Didn't buy the had to sacrifice himself for the love of Cat en as a way of redemption!!!! I think the writers really f this angle. The New Medical examiner better be a Muirfield Agent coz that is how new guys come in to the show.Plus he's too hot not to be a villain.lol


Cliffhanger!! Hate them. I thot writers considered them old school, but leave the art to the experts. Am so anxious to find out about the BIG FAMILY SECRET. As long as it has nothing to do with Cat's mom being Muirfield or cat's Dad working for them am good.
Vincent demise has been long overdue,just hope it won't kill VinCat.
As far as Cat is concerned, she needs to quit the force as she has broken enough rules to be labelled dirty cop. She shuld consider being a private investigator!!!
Can't wait for next wk.


SR is a fan of Breaking Bad!!! Fudge, now am so joining team Gabe. Lol
Its sad that Gabe is dying, I think the writers need to be carefully as it looks like any character that threatens Vincent or VinCat! Gets killed!! Creativity means not being predictable. There is enough room in the sand box.
Am still laughing that SR stated that Gabe has too many fires to put out thus a reason to not start another fire with Cat. Chicken!!!