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Glee Review: Don't Dream It's Over

But my favorite part of this episode was when Rachel said, i know I won't be as good as a dancer as you, but I'm a better singer.
Rachel brought the house down. She showed everyone how amazing she is.
I wish we could have seen Cassandra's reaction to her singing.

Glee Review: Don't Dream It's Over

I was disappointed that Santana didn´t get to fight with Kitty more, maybe throw a punch at Quinn for good measure.
I loved Brittany and Sam together. They fit so well. Sam adores her, and seems to put her feelings first, unlike Santana who broke up with her and didn't even give her an option.
I wish they could put more Sebastian and Hunter, they were so funny, and Sexy, and they made things entertaining, and sexy

Glee Review: Don't Dream It's Over

actually quite liked this episode.
We got Rachel from season 1 one back with a bang. she showed her love for performing and how she really cares about Glee Club.
Tina was really bitchy, she kept calling off Marley for not being the New Rachel, but isnt Blaine the new one?

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Most awkward scene? (Episodes)

no the most awkward scne is whem mer, der, addie, rose, and mark  in the same elevator

pick me choose me love me

george and mer

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Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Relationships :) (Relationships)

1-Meredith and Derek2-Mark and Lexie3-Owen and Cristina4-Callie and Arizona5-Alex and Izzie6-George and Olivia(i really liked her)7-Richard and Adele(i hate Richard but i love Adele)I think these are the best couples because i hate:Derek and AddisonAlex and addison(seriously who put them together)Alex and Ava or RececcaDenny and Izzie(i Can`t stand denny)That`s it but MedDer Forever

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Character Elimination!

Meredith - 12

Izzie - 13

Alex - 10

Christina - 10

George - 22

Derek - 15

Mark - 10

Callie - 11

Arizona - 11

Lexie - 10

Chief - 7

Bailey - 10

George -

meredith +

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