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Calling people who don't like George homophobes is a dumb and slightly insulting argument.Personally,I don't give a crap either way,T.R. is his own man and whatever. People who stop watching this show because of George leaving is an idiot's view anyway.George was grand for the first two seasons,but he became a parody of himself,moping and whining around the place.He then had an affair with Izzie,which was a disaster.That was the death nell for him.This show is an ensemble,one that is already crowded,so this will at least loosen things up again. Goodbye George,the weakest of the litter.


I love it.The weakest character was always George.The most glory seeking,storyline digging,shit stirring backstage worker=T.R.
Because of him we lost Burke.And ok Washington displayed a complete lack of intelligence with how he dealt with the situation,but we know T.R. had a hand in his firing.Also,in the most basic terms,Burke or George?Burke all the way with me.
Also,this thing about losing too many origanl characters,E.R. kept on going for years despite finishing without any of the origanal cast so that doesn't wash.You can only take characters so far after 5 seasons,and George has been married,divorced,had affairs,and lost a father,so really what is left?


Ok lets be honest here,Denny needs to go.If possible straight away.The programme has been on the slide since Season 3 ended,firstly because Burke left,then George and Izzie,Rose,Hahn.............etc.These were ok.And all were resolved fairly lively.This is just insulting the intelligence of every person who watches this programme.The Dude is dead.Gone.Caput.This usually means no more love triangles,sex and generally breathing.Get rid of him before ratings suffer more and this show is dropped.

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Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Relationships :) (Relationships)

Okay here goes nothing...........

1.Alex and Izzie...............Really good together.The fact Alex is still alive is a huge plus.

2.Burke and Cristana.............Hilarious.And some of the best acting from this show.

3.Addison and Derek.............Sorry,but these guys were a great looking couple.

4.Derek and Meredith..............Better now than in earlier seasons.

5.Izzie and Denny...........Cute.

Thats it.For the ones I hate....

1.George and Izzie.............Painful,reducded Heigl to grovelling.

2.Ava and Alex............She waqs way too Robotic.

3.Mcsteamy and everyone..............Don't like him.

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Izzie and Denny? (Relationships)

This storyline is the DUMBEST storyline of all time! I mean really?If they wanted Denny so bad,why kill him off?I actually liked him originally,a good development character for Izzie.But that was all he was though.But its time to let him go.And also,at this stage Izzie,who has revealed herself to be too 1 dimensional and boring.And it seems she HAS to be screwing a dead guy.

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Songs You Think Shouild have Been Featured. (Music)

I really don't get how Radiohead or Morrissey haven't been on this show.No Joy Division or Bob Dylan either.

So,a top ten songs not heard:


2.Now My Heart Is Full/Morrissey

3.Love Will Tear Us Apart/Joy Division

4.Shelter From The Storm/Bob Dylan

5.Last Nite/The Strokes

6.Killing Moon/Echo And The Bunnymen

7.505/Arctic Monkey's

8.Perfect Day/Lou Reed

9.Fake Plastic Tree's/Radiohead




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