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why is it a surprise that Katherine wants her freedom? what? and she didn't tell Elijah, she told the random person she'd compelled.


Toby - clearly on Spencer's side, but the compass put in his hand is a new development. Somebody hit him so that he wouldn't be able to go help the girls. To me it looked like Melissa or Shauna. Mona - so she was A on her own until radley right? so she genuinely had a mental problem and actually needed to be at radley. so she had been blackmailing ali? did she kill ali? Ian died in season 1, was that Mona who killed him? why did he say he killed ali? what stuff was Mona responsible for? Ali/red coat - so *spoiler alert* I know everyone said alison had a twin, and it would make sense that this is the storyline because of the ashley marin scene in the halloween episode. so if the twin that tried to kill her sister was alisons twin sister, it would make sense. she could have killed ali and would look just like her. and also is clearly a psychopath that could be taking revenge on the girls because killing ali wasnt enough. my question is, if red coat was on the plane, who would set fire to the house the girls,mona and toby were supposed to be in? if it was melissa - would she kill her own sister, along with jenna and shauna. and what's their motive? now red coat RAN AWAY, when hannah saw her, does that seem like the actions of someone all powerful? my guess is that maybe it is ali's twin and ali is actually dead. no mask. im also guessing red coat didn't count on the house burning and that she doesn't want to kill the girls, well not yet, and that's why she saved them

The Vampire Diaries Review: A Lump of Kol

about shanes motives to resurrect silas - even if his wife and son are dead I don't get it. cause all shane says is that he will resurrect those who died for him. not just everyone and anyone that you ask him to like silas is some saint.
also i don't think silas can do this even if he is real because the main thing in tvd was that when you're dead there's no coming back. if you make it possible to bring people back to life it just makes everything meaningless.
and what even is silas? they keep saying he's immortal but is he a vampire or what? because the original family were the first vampires so where does he fit in the timeline? how is he immortal? who the hell. everything about him seems so ridiculously bed time story-ish.
and why is kol the only one concerned about silas? if it was something their parents told them about wouldn't all of them equally believe it. in conclusion - I don't want silas to be real. it'll ruin everything.