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I'm a craaazy Chuck and Blair shipper, they are the show for me. [gossip girl]

I also adore Delena ! <3 [the vampire diaries]

I think that Ivy and Liam are meant to be together. [90210]

And Cappie and Casey are perfection. [greek]

Haley and Nathan <3 && Brooke and Lucas <3 [one tree hill]

Barney and Robin are something else, interesting and so lovable <3 [How I Met Your Mother]


What I write is my opinion, not yours. And It doesn't mean I'm right, nor does it mean I'm wrong. 

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Rainbow dust
UES Confrontation

LOVE her hair! (Blair's)

Rainbow dust

"The Vanessa uselessness scale" is back! YAAY!!
Oh dear (the) Vanessa uselessness scale, how much I have missed you!
hehe .

Rainbow dust
Gossip Girl Caption Contest 128

Blair: ... Then I get all copies of your sex tapes...
Chuck: Fine, just give me my scarf back !