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this show has so much potential to be amazing. it really needs to go darker and focus on structuring storylines which are more memorable, leave lasting impact and essentially draw you in. without that how do the writers expect to evolve the show and further build a world which the audience actually cares about. most of the core characters lack depth and are defined by what supernatural creature they are. they arent visibly unique fashion wise from each other. its just to 1 dimensional. and by the show going darker i dont mean a higher body count, i mean it needs to have an edgier and more daring feel about it. currently it just feels to standard.


so stefans gonna take elena to see a preacher dude who can work wonders, s*** will hit the fan (prob by killer connor) and the preacher dude will end up chasing them home, claim to cure elena and who cares!?!?!

True Blood Season 6 Scoop: What's Ahead?

how about none of the above. i cant be the only one who was glad they offed bill yet dissapointed that they 'ressurected' him into whatever the hell he is now?
terry vs the lost smoke monster was boring this season. next season he'l no doubt be a minor part in andys 'big storyline'!
alcide is already given practically nothing to do on the show so wouldnt really make a difference if he did sookie or not.
andy as a father - cant see it being funny beyond episode two as the fairys will of course grow up, run off and become strippers.
warlow - another pointless ghost monster! yay! -_-
jason as a vampire hunter - right cause he wouldnt get caught in his own vampire traps.