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Other favorite Medical Dramas?

I Absolutely love Grey's Anatomy.  But I have also loved other medical dramas over the years, from Denzel's St. Elsewhere to Scrubs.  What are some other Medical Dramas(or series in the case of scrubs) do you guys at TV Fanatics enjoy?

HawthoRNe right now is my favorite new drama on TV right now. I love Jada and I love medical drama, as you may have guessed lol, so the show is a win-win for me. 

I work for a company that actually picked up the marketing for this series from TNT, which is how I became aware of it to begin with, but as the second season progresses (and despite the fact that I haven't seen the 1st personally) I find the characters really fun and compelling.

Anyone check this series out?

For the unitiated, find out more on TNT's website as well as some eps from this season:

HawthoRNe - TNT

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what is happeing to Heroes ?

I hope they make a movie, and that it resolves all the loose threads.  It's been on a decline over the last few seasons but I still loved the series.

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True Blood S03E09 Everything is Broken

The best ep of the season.

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