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ChapterThree, I have similar sentiment about this season of Bones. I have been a devoted fan from the beginning. Although the personal story arcs in Season Six (i.e. Booth and Hannah) were not what the audience inevitably wanted, it was believable and for the most part well-written. Obviously, we all wanted to see Booth and Brennan have a go, but not like this. Now, I think they've tried so hard to avoid the Moonlighting curse, a 25-year-old show, that they've skipped on some crucial storyline developments and the relationship almost doesn't seem believable. And, I'm not just referring to not seeing the physical relationship begin. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but something isn't there. I'm okay with the pregnancy, too. I think that was a logical move, but it hasn't been a smooth transition or a laughably, cute struggle...just somewhere, awkwardly, in the middle. As for Finn, I am very disappointed in the writing. I don't think Luke Kleintank can necessarily be judged when the character has been turned into a caricature. I have lived in Alabama and Finn's supposed home, North Carolina {how much more Southern can you get?) and I have never heard an accent like Finn's. I have heard some extreme accents, and some laughable colloquialisms, but this was ridiculous. Would it have killed them to not make a exaggerated, Southern stereotype and give the guy a workable dialect peppered with Southern charm (perhaps one or two colloquialisms) and eloquence?


I don't mind Mark and Lexie. It does seem a little weird, but I think it was supposed to be. Mark has been available for anyone physically, but not too much emotionally, and for someone he hadn't even considered before to have an effect on him, I think is nice. As for George and Izzie...uh, they didn't seem right. I know, I will get cursed for this, but they DID have chemistry and there definitely WAS love between them. However, I really think that love was platonic. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm excited about Season 6!

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