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Suits Review: No Joke

Loved this episode! I really want one of those "You just got LITT up" mugs!

Lost Girl Review: The Wanderer

Liked the finale a lot and hate that we have to wait till next season to learn who Bo's father is. My favorite moment is having Vex back! I love that guy! I also loved how the Morrigan's bodyguard was crushing on Kenzi! I've got to give props to Hale for figuring out a way to protect Kenzi and Trick from the Morrigan. He probably would make a good Ash!

Lost Girl Review: There's No Just Right

Great episode along with the last...I'm starting to like Tamsin, and loved the "I got this" moment. I felt bad for Kenzi...first she loses Vex, and now Hale has shut her out. I'm curious to see what the Norn did to her... As a Bo/Dyson fan, I loved their interaction together and I love how they are playing out the triangle this season. If Dyson cannot be with Bo (for now), I hope to see more of their friendship and partnering in future episodes. I will say that I admire Lauren's decision to have an open relationship. It is the only choice if they are going to be together because either Lauren or Bo would die if they were monogamous.

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