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Seriously I would watch this show even more if it was just about Faye, Melissa, and Diana. I loved Adam hanging with the two girls, Faye is such an awesome character. Diana went to the top of the list when she told Cassie off for being so dramatic. I cannot stand Cassie (or Jake). I feel like she is always on the hunt by herself in every episode while the rest of the circle has fun and is actually entertaining and intriguing. Can't wait for the parents to come back into play with JB. And more scenes with the entire circle, stop focusing so much on Cassie!


So upset about AltLincoln, I mean to me he was the real Lincoln, cute, confident, and I loved Alt-Livia and him together. This season's 'real' Lincoln doesn't even come close to comparing to me. I would have rather seen Peter go over to the other side since he could have debriefed them on Jones and seen AltLincoln, AltLivia, and Peter interact. Gah, I'm seriously pissed they did this. I love the alternate universe, but I really want them to wrap up Peter's being erased from existence SL, because I'm still wondering if the rest of the characters will remember Peter and then start to remember their old lives? Will Altlivia ever remember having a child? Since Olivia is forgetting this life more and more, will we have just wasted this entire season trying to invest in new personalities and histories of our main characters? I will miss AltLincoln the most!

Gossip Girl Review: World War Waldorf

Apart from loving the Dan and Blair, this show was full of ridiculousness tonight.
Ivy spends time caring for CeCe (who didn't tell anyone else she was sick) and CeCe doesn't even allow her own daughter to keep her house?
And Lily and Rufus just leave willingly, without so much of a my furniture? my belongings? Because surely it would take much longer to pack up all of the stuff she has bought with her trust and what not and shouldn't want to leave it with a 'criminal' when she followed her sister around making sure her silver wasn't stolen.
Lily and Carol were ridiculous and I agree Lola should stay far away.

I'm glad Serena and Chuck are getting story lines because they've both been depressing to watch. And if they have to be on my tv screen I'd like for them to at least be interesting.