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Castle Review: Not Another a Ninja Movie

First time poster here, but longtime Castle watcher. I disagree with the comments that mention that Kate & Rick haven't talked about his divorces. She knows that Meridith cheated on him (and wasn't around much for Alexis) and why his marriage with Gina ended. We've seen considerable evolution of Kate's personality over time and I believe the scene was meant to show that she's talking about her concerns and not hiding them. I think this was a very real reaction. I think we've all had moments or conversations with people where we look back and wonder if that could happen to us. That being said, I felt the comment about adding it to their vows was a bit lame. In general, I enjoyed the lightness of this episode and know that as time goes on and this season ends up in syndication, it will be come a fav.


I loved this finale. Four years of watching these characters grow, the ebb and flow of their relationship. Kudos to the writers, they did an amazing job with this episode, especially the last several scenes. From the moment Castle opened the door and Beckett finally makes the first move "What you want, Kate"..."You", and the apology, and you can see he's just holding his breath, until she says, "I almost died and all I could about was you." And the camera pans to his face, half in shadow and lightning flashes in the background and he moves into her. Couldn't have ended better, with them holding hands, clearly heading to the bedroom. LOVED IT...great writing...amazing acting. Can 't wait for next season

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