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Castle Round Table: Caskett At Last!

I think Beckett would have stayed with Demming, but they probably wouldn't have stayed together. He was nice, but easy to be with, so there was no challenge there.
The change that disburbed me the most was finding out that Castle because the carousing playboy that he had only been acting at and had grown tired of when Beckett interupted his book opening. Because he never met her, he never found a new purpose.
I enjoyed the change in Martha the most. She was the only character that seemed to flourish, but I think that's just part of Martha's character...regardless of the situation, Martha will always rise to the occasion. How hysterical were all the pictures of her....and the colors Whew!
1st to answer the question. I'm more skeptical, so bump on the head it is....but I have a healthy respect for the unexplained, so I'll continue to wonder. 2nd, I'd like to comment on the slight similarity between this episode and "Time will tell" from last season, where the writers leave us with just a smidge of doubt when Simon Doyle disappears on Castle at the end. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but "Time of our lives" and "Time will tell" share a similar title and the fact that both loosely deal with the supernatural, well it's interesting.
Beckett would be a great captain, but then there would be less partners in crime, so I'd like to think she'll remain a detective
I was disappointed that Alexis and Castle grew apart. I think we've seen that being a great father is such a part of his personality, it was tough to see that loss.
My favorite moment is more a series of moments. I loved that Castle kept sneaking back into the precinct for the case and to see Beckett. More than just his optimism, I've always felt that one of the reasons Kate fell for Rick is because he never gave up on her. Because he was always there for her and with her. It grew it a kind of trust that she hadn't found with anyone else in her life. Even when she sent him away, he would come back for her; he risked his life time and again to stay with her. So for me, it was perfect to see that he didn't give up in this universe even though he was disappointed in the changes in her personality. He knew that if he kept showing up, eventually she would she what was right in front of her.


I like this episode right up until they arrested the cyber cop and then my suspension of belief went right out the window. It was a poorly concieved setup, right up to the stain smeared on the letter. I was "all in" for the first half of the episode, then it all just fell apart. Arresting the killer was a total non-event and as much as I love watching Beckett break a guy in the box, the writing was just awful. It was tough to watch and I found myself wincing more than once. It felt rushed, as if they changed their minds halfway through and had to reshoot in a hurry. The end of the ep with the Castle meme or whatever they want to call it, was horrendous. The idea that his publisher or agent would allow him to look like a complete and utter fool and then send it out for the public consumption, before he had a chance to vet it, is ridiculous. Clearly a filler episode as we wait for the wedding and honeymoon episodes, but one we could have done without.

Stalker Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Phobia

I can't tell yet whether this is going to be an excellent show, or a complete flop. I really want it to great. There seems to be so many conflicting things happening, I want to believe it's just great writing. There is something about Jack's lack of boundaries that's very creepy and then enhanced by that smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes. Never mind that he's part of Tactical Unit that tracks stalkers and he is currently stalking an ex- of some kind. The fact that he hooked up with Janice after telling Beth his fear of repeating mistakes tells me he has a pattern of sleeping with co-workers and it doesn't end well. Watching that odd almost robotic mode he goes into when profiling a suspect or witness gives me the chills. Ben's attitude toward Jack is wearing very thin even though it's only episode 4. Perry is probably the best part of show, you just know that's going to go sideways in a very ugly way. All that being said, I sort of feel like I'm holding my breath on this show...hoping it's going to be great.