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There was a period in my life (6 or 7 years) that I watched almost zero television.  Instead, I read roughly 5 hours a day/night.  Over the past several years (thanks to the DVR and the ability to find cheap full-season DVD's of tv series) I have turned 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  I now watch waaaay too much tv.

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The Glades Review: Not Just Skating By

Don't mess with "The Callie". She'll f' you up!!! Reminds me of my ex girlfriend...
Liked this episode. No matter how many times Jim accuses the wrong person, he just moves onto the next (or back to the previous), doggedly following whatever new evidence he is fed. That's his best attribute b/c it makes for some great dialogue.
Not too silly. In fact it was toned down from last week. This episode pales in comparison to the "psych" episode that featured roller derby, but that's just because nobody compares to Maggie Larson in any scenario.
I'm thoroughly enjoying this season of "The Glades" thus far.


(cont'd) that Stahma is the major player behind the scenes. If Datak becomes mayor it will be Stahma who pulls the strings.


I knew Datak would try to smear Amanda somehow. I like the unique way it was written, combining Amanda's hiring of Nolan and then using Nolan's quote to try and discredit them both. Using the 'race card' is prevalent in today's politics, why not in the future too?
Man, I'd hate to be Alak right now. He has a ruthless, perhaps sadistic, father, pulling him one way, and a determined, possibly homicidal father-in-law pulling him another. He should leave town with his wife and never look back.
So far Stahma's veneer of calm has been unshakeable. Even Kenya's threats had no visible effect. I still wonder if Kenya reveals the extent of their unique relationship, if Datak would even care. Then again, you never know. Especially if it comes to a question of honor. Their race is kinda prickly on that subject. Datak might blow a gasket.
I'd like to know why Irissa is so special. I'm trying, and failing, to recall if her flashbacks featured any Indogens.
@General: I agree that Stahma is the major player behind the scenes player here. If Datak becomes mayor, she will be the puppet master, pulling the strings.