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Flat is about all I can come up with. Thank goodness for Lissa and Sadi. Did you catch Sadie and Sergio making out in the background? How about the way Lissa mom was looking at Tyler?
I am not sure but I think going to second base with the sophomore was a little bit more than making out. Jenna lying will probably come back to bite her next week, judging by preview. I have always hoped for a Jenna, Mattie reunion, but now I am starting to question if Jenna deserves Mattie.
Any idea how many episodes left?

Parenthood Season 6 Episode 1 Review: Vegas

Totally agree with you about Joel and blowing up way too much about Ed. I don't know if Julia was completely blind to Eds feelings, I actually think that the attention was what Julia was looking for. But I also was disappointed with Joel reaction to her honesty (because she got caught). However, he wasn't too far off, because Julia quickly followed it up with the one night stand with Mr Knight. Pete and Joel have had their moments, but when Pete suggested a get together, Joel quickly said no. The current/past boyfriend may not last , and maybe Julia could mentally shut off the memories of intimacy with him, should her and Joel reconnect, but If Joel learns of it, I believe the marriage will be over by series end. While Julia has clearly decided to rapidly move on from Joel, it's not these actions I am referring to when I blame her for the separation. It's what I perceived as her selfish, immature behavior, when she was the stay at home parent, while Joel was working the long hours to support his family. I am happy that Julia is back doing what she loves. Just wondering at what cost.
Sorry, tend to be a little obsessive in regards to Joel and Julia. I think Sarah will be looking for a new roommate soon. Possibly Amber. Hope that Ryan returns soon, after getting some help with his issues. Afraid that we're going to lose either Millie or Kristina instead of Zeke. Either way a big loss.

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Nice to see you here, after weeks of great conversation with Satisfaction. I am aware that historically Virginia stated that she felt obligated to succumb to Bill's sexual advances in order to keep her job, but this series has stepped away from alot of historical fact. As I have said before, up until about 6 episodes ago, Virginia was giving the the impression that it was only about the work and nothing more. But when she started to sacrifice her continuing education, her personal love life, and now her children, just because it made Bill uncomfortable, was when she started to show her true colors. The fact that they actually kept notes during Bill's impotence trials, was hilarious. She made it very clear she was more concerned about the exposure of their affair then the study, thus giving up her children. I am excited for Libby (my favorite character) for next year. Hope there isn't too big of time jump. Virginias deception of Libby, continues to show her total lack of character.