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Will have to re watch it but I am pretty sure that she made statement that struck me as being off from what we've previously seen , but that's not to say my judgment wasn't clouded because of my stupid desire to see a Jake and Abby reunion. Your much better at this then I.
After re watch I still think that Abby's response about her own marriage was a little off from what we've seen, but now I'm wondering about 2 little things. Why was Abby so comfortable with Will spending the night in the marital home, yet over the top upset with Joe having sex with dude downstairs? And how was the Sam Smith song, during Abby and Will sex right given that the song is about betrayal between 2 lovers?
Oops, sorry, my judgemental male side was showing. Did like the little flirt moment when Jake commented on Abby's dress.

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The episode overall seemed a little off but may have been needed to get more insight into the individual characters. As probably the only viewer still hoping for an Abby and Jake reunion, last night pretty much put an end to that fantasy. I was taken back by what appeared as the switching of character between Abby and Delia. During the get free conversation with Joe, I don't recall ever hearing Abby Describe her marriage with Jake with so much anger and harsh adjectives. Kinda of a flip flops of the interaction we've seen before now. A hot sleepover with the somewhat shady Will and now she's disgusted by Jake and their marriage?
Still enjoy the show and your review.

Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 3 Review: HBTU

Well, 3 episodes in and I finally figured it out. This is clearly written for a much younger crowd. The whole story line is a jumbled mess. Is she looking for her sister, or her stalker, or the killer of her boyfriend, and a serial killer? I know there's a chance that their the same person, but Victoria's acting each week seems to shift her intentions. How many times did she say all of this is my fault, last night. If you're being stalked by a serial killer, why would you have all your curtains open and strip in front of them? And why get drunk in a house full of mostly strangers? The writing is over the top, the acting is pretty subpar, but they are all pretty young. It's pretty much just a teenage who dunnit. March a bunch of pretty boys through her life and play, Screw , Marry , Kill .