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Sympathy for the Parents

In Finland we'll have to wait for this episode (as well as 6.18) till next FALL!! Grey's just went off for a break and I have no idea when it's coming back, but I believe it's not until late next fall..... :(

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Sick of this seasons on & off weeks?

Well I'm definitely pissed for the breaks in Grey's in USA, cause that caused that the whole series was put on a break here in Finland, until next FALL!! It was airing only a couple of weeks behind USA, and because of the breaks the schedule was "challenging", so that's why they decided to put it on a longer break, so that they can then show the rest of the episodes one after the other, every week... I don't get why there has to be a break every other week??

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Explain your nickname... (Site Suggestion)

Mine comes simply from my real name. :P My first name is Rea, and my second name is Mari, but I prefer the English version of this name, Mary, so that's why I decided to join these two together = reamary. :) I really like my nickname actually. :D

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Callie and Arizona (Relationships)

How can a couple be TOO stable?? :D I love that there hasn't been more drama between them (they've had some moments though), cause I think it's refreshing to see a relationship this healthy and stable! :) At least if they're going to have their rough pad, they CAN'T be teared apart.... I would hate it. As a protest I might just stop watching Grey's! :P ;)

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