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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 63

Damon: "do you smell what the Hot-Ass Vamp is cooking?!" Bonnie: *sniff* "Witches Brew?"


My favorite scene was the final one between the Salvatore brothers (with the funeral a close 2nd). The way Damon plays with his ring (contemplating his own demise?) & Stefan's reaction to his brother's bite. He goes through so many emotions in that few moments & his hand shaking as Damon walked away alone undid me. Ian & Paul give beautiful & subtle performances that make me forget I am watching fiction. I predicted Jenna but was SHOCKED by John. It was so well done, too, I felt for a character I have always despised. I was fine with the spell because I wanted Elena to stay human and I'm pretty sure Katherine is stuck in that apartment. At least for now. Though I think it's Katherine in the preview saying "you made the wrong choice" or Damon is hallucinating her. I have not forsaken Wonder Boy yet but some how I became Team Tyler after this week. Not sure how that happened...I would love to see a juicy love triangle for Care. I think Damon will need to bite Tyler to be cured. I keep going back to Jules saying "bite me" when asked for a cure for Rose. Can't wait to find out & I love reading your thoughts!


Yea, I used an entire box of tissues watching this damn episode. My bestie & I have re-named our weekly TVD get together "Therapy Thursdays" & boy did we need it this week. You know a show is powerful when you go home exhausted with a pounding headache, puffy eyes & a broken heart. The death toll:
Jules, I was happy to see go since Tyler was the other choice. Joseph Morgan was chilling as Klaus & his removal of her heart did not disappoint.
Greta: I cheered when Damon snapped her neck! Witchy Karma sums up that moment.
Aunt Jenna: I have been grieving for her all week since I believed her death to be "the big one" we've been waiting for. Nina & Sara delivered powerful performances that left me drained.
John: this was my surprise death! I did not expect Jeremy & Elena to lose ALL their parents, they are truly orphaned now. This definitely changes things in terms of their stories in Season 3. John's exit was touching as I've basically hated him up until now. His letter & ring also provide more questions about the future of Stefan & Elena. How will they continue considering the fact that they don't have much of a future if Elena wants family & such?
The funeral scene broke my heart on all levels, & the actors delivered beautifully. Poor Elena! Poor Jeremy! Poor Ric! The list goes on...
Stefan's face when he was forced to watch Klaus drain the life out of Elena was also heart-wrenching. Do you detect a theme here? It also ended emotionally with Damon's confession to Stefan about his wolf-bite. Paul Wesley's range of emotions in those few moments was palpable. The brothers love/conflict is the heart of the show & I think the writers are genius. I look forward to Damon's journey next week having to face his death, & needing Elena's forgiveness. His walk away scene in the cemetery was gorgeously shot.
Bonnie kicked some major booty & was the episodes hero. Saving Elena from vamp world AND taking down Klaus. Klaus dying "ace in the hole" that prompted Elijah not kill him was stellar. I KNEW something unexpected would happen in terms of Elijah (Damon's instincts people, pay attention)
This was most assuredly a "game-changing" episode for the series & Season 3 looks very promising. I look forward to more Klaus/Elijah & some Original action. What a great wealth of new storytelling to be done! I also look forward to a nice love triangle between Wolfie, Vamp Barbie & Wonder Boy. Trevino has made me Team Tyler! How did that happen? How will Stefan find a way to save his brother & what will be their dynamic going into Season 3? Will Alaric step in, in a more familial way for Elena & Jeremy now? Jeremy definitely seemed like the man of the house rather than the lost little brother at the end of this episode. I can't wait to find out...