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i'm annoyed at them going back and forth to the Wedding only to tease us with more details. First the wedding where Ted's the best man, then in the finale we find out the groom is Barney then in the premiere this season we ALMOST find out the bride but we WILL find that out in THIS season finale? I love this show a fuck load, but this is the exact definition of stretching out storylines. Hope they do all this justice.


the first thing I noticed when I saw Rebekah was that she strolled into the Salvatore house without being invited in. Is it because Elena died in the sacrifice? So anyone can enter it? Even then i'm surprised Damon hasn't fixed that up yet. Might of been a good way to keep Stefan out if the deed was left only to him. Maybe I'm thinking about it too much :\

30 Rock Review: Smooth Move Ferguson

imo this was one of the funniest eps of the season.
lol'd so damn much. Tracy's storyline was kinda my least of them all, i couldn't get enough of Liz and her bag for some reason. Avery in NK was brilliant, especially her iPhone bit xD how come the review didn't mention Condi Rice? Thought she did a pretty good job despite never acting before.
PLENTY of great one liners, Smooth Move Ferguson will stick with me forever.

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haters make the world go round.

just somethin ya gotta get used too. freedm of speech ftw hey? >_>

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