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NCIS Sneak Peek: McGee's Got the Hookup!

I don't get it. How can they correctly note that Richmond is two hours from DC and yet act like Norfolk, (which is three hours on a good day) is 15 minutes away?

Arrow Review: Felicity Gets Collared

So excited to see the addition of Roy. I do wonder how long it's going to take to for him to put on a red hood and join Oliver as Speedy 1/Red Arrow/Arsenal/Red Hood. I know a lot of people think that Thea is going to be Speedy (there have been more than few clues), but I don't know... It just feels to expected.

Dallas Review: Beautiful Enemies

Man am I going to miss JR. His scenes always are the most fun, especially since he always has plots within plots and you know that no matter how defeated he seems he's always gonna come out on top.
Could not believe Annie shooting Rayland. He totally deserved it, but I can't believe that she went through with it. It's probably a good thing that they went that route though instead of having JR go to war with him, since Larry Hagman's death probably would have stalled that one before it even began.
The only thing that could make this all better would be an appearance by the ORIGINAL Pamela. We still don't know her status, and her showing up would add a whole new dimension to the Ewing/Barnes feud.