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What was your favorite scene/quote from the episode? When Christina finally got it and demonstrated that it wasn't always about her being the rock star. I loved it. Christina back from the trauma of the shooting, the depression, not knowing whether she wanted to be a surgeon, then not being humble about learning the basics, has come full circle. I love it. Derek’s patient underwent a risky first time surgery. If it was you, would you take the risk? Derek's ego is too huge not to, but frankly I would have done something that was less risky that increased the patient's survivability. Attempting to do something that has never been done because you're sick of compromise because you can't get your baby back doesn't give you license to go all rogue on a teenager just cause it's more interesting and daring. It was irresponsible and it simply didn't feel. But he was successful so he's not about to change his ways. Who is the most bad ass surgeon at Seattle Grace - Derek, Cristina, or Callie? Got to be Derek the brain surgeon. He's done some amazing reckless totally crazy stuff. But he's good. He's the original McMarcus Welby lol Has Alex redeemed himself for selling out Meredith? Alex is pathetic. He dimes out Meredith because she compromised the trial, but he compromised their adoption by going to see the judge. What if the judge doesn't appreciate the tampering and decides to punish Derek/Mer because of his meddling. He can go into a deeper whole of self loathing. Did Izzy just suck the good out of Alex so he can only act like a human being in a crisis? Alex was becoming a better man. Now he' a scumbag and I don't care what he does. It still has a sleazy smell to it lol The love triangle is back. What do you want to happen between Mark, Lexie, and Jackson? Jackson should have known better. He picked up Sloan's sloppy seconds and now he's about to get his heart broken. Over Lexie? She ain't even blonde lol...well not anymore. She ain't even that beautiful that two totally hot guys should be fawning over her. She ain't even a rockin' surgeon...she's a dweebie with a photographic memory. Ain't know love triangle is was always a line with an intersection.

Suits Review: Getting Mocked

First, I love Suits it is one of the best new shows I've seen in a long time. The Play the Man episode in IMHO was really quite excellent. I could take or leave the sex scenes, but I understood how they tied into the dynamic. The whole "victory sex" was a great transition for Harvey to discover he was being played, but the whole "I'll have sex with you the entire weekend like a drunk rabbit, but when I lose I'm going to marry some random guy," resolution was kind of dumb and very weak. I think there was suppose to be a parallel to the Mike Rachel dynamic but I didn't get it.
The mock trial was really good. I knew from the beginning Mike was going to lose because he needed to lose. Every episode had him pulling out a win at the end of the day, but even though Harvey won, we see that he eventually lost. I'm not sure what's up with Rachel. If she doesn't date co-workers why is she so judgmental of Mike? I mean why should she even care what he is doing? If she secretly likes him then her rejection is pushing him straight into the other chicks arms, not good either. As far as Mike is concerned, excellent quality in a person to spare someone's feelings, but not in a lawyer. I'm with the other guy, break her a win at any cost -- that's what people pay lawyers to do--win.
I love the secretary, whatever her name is, she is fantastic. I mean she needs more air time because she is hi-larious.