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Lucky In Love: TV's Happiest Married Couples

What the hell?!? WHy are Meredith and Derek always getting the shaft on these things?!! They werent on cutest couple(even though tons of people commented complaining about it, and now this?! They are the happiest they have ever been!! And to everyone else.... MARRIED COUPLE.. I feel like people ignore the question and just try to bring Damon and Elena into everything. Favorite brother sister relationship? DAMON AND ELENA! Cause...theyre close! like brothers and sisters....i mean...wtf!?!


@mg but yes... Damon is a lovely specimen of man


@mg okay lol im unbiased in terms of coupling but what did Elena do that was so bad?! um she started dating Stefans("I will always love you stefan" "you have no reason to ever worry. its always gonna be you stefan" brother right after she broke up with Stefan. The guy who she denied ever having feelings for. I dont care who you are...thats f&%$&# up

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Where the eff is isabel?!

yet another glee storyline that disappeared into thin air. Did kurt quit his job? Are him and isabel not as close?

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Gossip "Girl" Hints/ Foreshadowing

So i was a bit dissapointed in the fact that dan turned out to be Gossip Girl. But I thought it would be fun to start a forum filled with gifs,quotes, and other hints since season one, that alluded to the fact that Dan might be gossip girl (even though i'm sure they just decided Dan was gossip girl sometime recently). it would still be fun to put together the story ourselves.

They already mentioned first of all that Dan was the one to show up after graduation at that bar to meet Serena.

2. The pilot episode. Jenny announces how Dan fell asleep on gossip girl


please add more!! :)

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Timeline Inconsistencies


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