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Let's ship CHERENA (Spoilers)

So that's your solution? INCEST? c'mon I mean, they're like brother and sister...

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Dan and Blair kissing. (Spoilers)

I am totally speachless... I AM SO DAIR I love this... and i am so excited about the next ep's promo, when blair says "ain't you gonna make ur move or what" or something like that... (here's the link by the way but even thought how much i want DAIR TO HAPPEN this could be a dream scene doesn't it? probably dan's but i'd love it to be blair's... let's see what happens

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'G.G' and 'The Backup Dan' (Spoilers)

Once again i'm gonna say it:


I think the writers lost all the imagination they showed in the first 2 seasons, and the second half of the 4th, I like Dair cuz that's brand new and it all make sense, they just belong together for the way they are... Blair drams about a prince charming... and we all did see that when Dan was madly in love with Serena he was a prince charming... it was serena who turned him into the dark and lies because of georgina and all that shit. I'm tired of chair.. they've proved many MANY  M A N Y  times that they can't be together... so they should let it go... so you all fan should as well.

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